August, 2013
February, 2014
Where to find ammo deals?

Anyone in the shooting world who has been caught in the ammo wilderness over the past year will appreciate the AmmoFinder app for iPhone.  At $1.99, the price may seem a bit steep, but it's worth every penny.  Simple in design, AmmoFinder searches the internet for the best prices on a wide range of ammunition.  The app ranks the ammo by price per round, which allows users to measure the value of deals regardless of how many rounds are being offered.  You can also set the app to notify you when it finds prices that are in a range you are willing to pay.  Find a deal you like?  Simply click and you are taken to the company's website to make your purchase.  Given the demand for ammo, some deals don't last long though.  The only significant drawback of AmmoFinder is the inability to search for specific ammo brands, types of bullets (FMJ vs. hollow point), or grains.  Users basically have to keep clicking on different deals if they are looking for something in particular.  Nonetheless, if your gun doesn't have a finicky appetite, there are great deals out there and the app makes it easy to find them.
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